Sunday, February 17, 2013

First Big Workday

We had our first truly big workday today.   When I say big, I mean big!   A traveling group of high school seniors from South Elgin High School (Illinois) came out and helped clean trash and remove honeysuckle from the trail corridor.  Over 100 high school students were out working.  We also had volunteers from Harvesters here locally along with a few regular trail volunteers.

This is an immense project that will take several years to finish, but this was a great way to start.

An estimate of the work done:

235 bags of trash
115 tires
4 mattresses
About 4 truck bed loads of miscellaneous large trash items
An estimated 5 dump truck loads of honeysuckle.

 The kids got off their buses and started with a spirit building chant.
I think ERTA might start this at all trail workdays.

 The kids would make assembly lines to pass stuff to the road.

You know it is a big workday when two buses show up.

A few of the fine kids and a small amount of the trash they hauled out.

That brush you see along the road is actually cut and piled.  Both sides.

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