Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starting to come together

Wow!   We knocked out some trailbuiding today.  After having a general park cleanup and honeysuckle removal day last week with 70 volunteers, today was all about building the actual trail.

Last week REI coordinated a workday with ERTA, Kansas City Climbing Club and KC Wildlands.   It was an awesome day and prepped us for todays work.

Today we benchcut a long section of trail.  The soil cuts like butter.  There was also some rock work for technical features.

I think with one more great day of benchcutting and 2-3 workdays of armoring and rock work, we will have trail open to ride.   And it will be fast, flowy trail with the occasional technical option/challenge, including a drop or two for those of you who have a little free ride tendency.

After this section is complete this fall, the next section will quickly move up on top of the cliff that gives Cliff Drive it's name.

A huge thanks to:

Brett Shoffner
Clay Lozier
Buzz Taylor
Alan Bossert
Stephen Levenhagen
Ben Reed
Mark Hopkins
Ron Bodine
and Justin Bay.

We knocked out a ton of this today

Note the dead vines hanging on the tree in background.  
We have killed many vines that were choking out the great trees in Kessler. 
You will be amazed about some of the awesome trees in this park.

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  1. Thank you for doing this to make KC a more awesome place to live!