Saturday, April 12, 2014

Making progress

I haven't updated this blog in a while.  Brett tends to publish a fair amount on Facebook and also the Cliff Drive official blog site.

Lots of progress has been made in the last 6 months.   A couple miles of corridor is cleared.   Now it is time to bench cut and clear trail tread.  We hope to open the trail in early June.   From the west gate of Cliff Drive you should be able to ride east, climb up on top of the cliff, then descend and do a loop above the lake and then ride back.   Hopefully that will be 3-4 mile ride by the time you get back to the west gate.

The trail is generating a lot of talk among the local neighbors.  They love the trail going in and the neighborhood associations will start organizing trash pick up days now that the will have access to previously very difficult terrain.

So, when you see the trash in these photos, imagine folks coming in and removing it.   Working with partners is the key to this project.

I had a chance to test the trail today on my bike after the work was done.  It is going to be fun stuff.   Climbing up to the cliff is going to challenge the best climbers.   Not single speed friendly, but I tried it on my SS anyway.

Finished bench cut.  

The view to the north from the trail.  
My work place in the distance.

This is some of the worst trash in this section.  
That bench cut above was hard, we found a buried, rolled up carpet that 
we had to cut through.   

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